Public Nudity.

Nudity and sex in public.

As anyone who knows me knows, I’m a big fan of deviancy (adj: Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society.) I am poly, kinky, deviant (not devious! Know your language!) and as such, I am somewhat ‘into’ a number of things.

One thing I have discovered an affinity for as of late is exhibitionism and voyeurism. They are not a brand new thing, having experimented in my younger years: public masturbation, fantasies about sex in different places, the porn watch and erotica I read…

Wolf was on a date and ended up being fingered in public, which I had mixed feelings about (compersion for her, envy that it wasn’t with me) and this got me thinking about why I feel such an affinity for public places.

Let me clarify: for me, public is not an empty field, or a forest, I’m talking about a city street, a cafe, etc.

So far I’ve come up with a number of things which link into it: firstly, it’s a confidence thing. If you are naked in public, you are most likely comfortable (or comfortable enough) with your body that you can display a very sexy confidence.

I’ve written before about how I find confidence to be sexy and someone who, working under their own initiative, will play with themselves in a coffee shop, or the cinema, with toys, their hands, or me, has a level of self esteem which I find admirable and am envious of.

I don’t understand when people’s self esteem revolves around things I say, I don’t like having to constantly validate people’s emotions because I’m not good with emotional stuff. I’m good with facts, opinions and advice, but emotionally I’m nowhere near as proficient, outside of falling in love easily.

Secondly, it’s about the rules.

Society teaches us not to do a lot: don’t respect women as equals, don’t be naked, don’t let people see who you really are. Hide your kinks, your body, your thoughts and blend in!

It jumps between this and the complete opposite: exceptional people are rich and famous! Be exceptional, write bad erotica for a living, put women on a pedestal!

For me, I respect people who make and follow their own rules. Obviously, they have to weigh the risks of doing so, but if they find that they want to be nude in public or whatever and go for it, great for them!

Finally, I believe that most people are beautiful and that as creatures, we all have the right to choice: we can choose whether to wear clothes, what we do to our bodies, whether piercing, tattooing, growing fat or shaving every inch of it.

Apart from all of the above, I also quite like the fantasy that my friends will just show me their boobs, though the concept of sex being something which you can share with friends without “making shit weird” is one which I don’t even try to pedal, lest my friends think I have an ulterior motive (they all think I’m a bit of a pervert for some reason).

And if you have any public nude pictures, you can always tweet them to me at…



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